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To Whom Much Is Given Much Is Required__Luke 12:48

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Ms. Nike Onayemi is the founder and Chairman of the Board of Love Matter International, an IRS Tax Exempt Not-Profit Delaware, United States Corporation (EIN#: 86-2072356) 

Ms. Onayemi was born in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, Nigeria, West Africa.

Her parents were the Late Chief Michael OreDolapo "Jamboree" Onayemi and Late Alhaja Basirat Onayemi aka "Iyawo Ijebu" or Mama Simi.

All praises to God her mother blessed her trip to the United States of America therefore she currently has dual citizenship in both Nigeria and the USA.

Ms. Onayemi initially attended Laramie County Community College located in Cheyenne, Wyoming where she earned an Associate of Science degree. In addition, she subsequently attended Texas A&M - Commerce, Texas, where she earned a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) in Management and two Bachelor degrees (BA) in Accounting and (BSc) in Agricultural Economics.

in addition, Ms. Onayemi is licensed as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA).

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Our Main Mission: Win Souls For The One & Only True Adonai, God of Israel!!

Ms. OlaNike OlaDunni SadiOluwa "omo Jamboree" Onayemi is always seeking opportunities to share the Gospel while simultaneously encouraging Exclusive worship of Adonai, El Elohim God of Israel.

Nike's Main Mission is to Win / Reclaim Souls for the One & Only Jah Jehovah God of Israel whose reign would Never, Ever end Amen!.

As you are aware, there are millions of churches and church-goers in Africa. Unfortunately millions are NOT Worshipping God EXCLUSIVELY!

Millions of Africans still seek Voodoo doctors aka medicine men namely Babalawo,  "Good-Witches", including annual Festivals for their stupid ridiculous gods aka ORISA's like the following to name a few:

  • Millions of Nigerians in Lagos state still celebrate ridiculous festivals for several IDOLS aka ORISA. The most popular IDOL in Lagos state is called EYO also known as ORISA ADAMU. To my dismay, several Nigerians here in the United States imported and continue celebrating their useless Idols!

  • OGUN the god of Iron (for protection from Car Accidents while refusing to wear seat belts

  • YEMOJA – Mermaids of the River

  • YEYE OSUN also the god of the River

  • SANGO - god of Thunder

In order to Reclaim/Win lost souls for Adonai I, Nike Onayemi  decided to single-handedly sponsor:

"Winning Souls for God events"

Give us a call at 214-944-7209 or send an email to: or click link below

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