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Our main goals are:

Helping the homeless,

Providing financial assistance to the hungry,

Encouraging EXCLUSIVE worship of Adonai God and

Connecting persons from all walks of life to the One & Only Adonai God of Israel 

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ALL thanks to Adonai for His abundant blessings 

Winning Souls For Adonai Events Three Fundamental Principles:

  • No Contributions

  • No Donations

  • No Fundraising 

We Believe The Jah Jehovah Jireh God of Israel Is More Than Capable To Meet All Our Needs.

However, if you would like to help kindly email us, thank you!

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  • My dream for the entire World by the Amazing Grace of our Faithful Everlasting Jah Jehovah Adonai God of Moses, Abraham and God of Elijah is for the skylines of countries on the continent of Africa be a replica of Manhattan, New York, United States of America (see above Image), Amen!

  • To reiterate, yes Millions of Skyscrapers Taller than even the new Jeddah Tower and the Burj Khalifa, Amen in the Mighty name of Jah Jehovah Jireh, Elohim, Adonai the Absolutely BEST God, period whose Reign Will Never, Ever End, Amen!

  • What MUST Africans Do to make my Dream a Reality?

  • Each country must enact Laws and Regulations supporting Total &  Complete Eradication of Idol Worshipping including felony convictions for ALL IDOLATRY festivals throughout the continent of Africa.

  • Public and Private Commitments by ALL Counties on All six continents, starting with Africans to obey the Ten Commandments and the Two New Additional Commandments by Christ Jesus:

  • To ​LOVE Jehovah Adonai GOD  of Israel EXCLUSIVELY &

  • To LOVE ALL persons like we Love ourselves, our children and our relatives--Matthew 22: 36-40

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